Our Process

Our Process


1. Evaluate

We begin each project with evaluation phase. Our team evaluates your strengths and helps you to take advantage of the market opportunities. We take time to get to know you, your brand and your product or service thoroughly. We discuss your business strategy to ensure that we understand your target market and goals.

2. Plan

This is the part where we along with clients decide on features, functionalities and branding methodologies to be adopted for competitive advantage. This involves inter and intra departmental collaboration for ensuring optimum results.
Wireframes are created, to lay-out interface elements. A sitemap and features specification are written. Client receives a detailed blueprint with all the feature and functionalities at the conclusion of the planning phase regarding project milestones and execution.

3. Design

We analyze your competition, and find out what makes your business unique in your industry, and create a plan of action that will serve as a guide throughout the creative process. Our creative team develops the design concept. We then present the concept to you so that you have the opportunity to offer additional insight into how you would like the artwork to communicate with your target audience. Each step of the design process is analysed to ensure that the goals established during the planning phase are being met.

4. Develop

This phase involves turning the design concept into reality. We apply the latest programming techniques to ensure that your website is of the highest possible standards and that all the performance parameters are adhered to. Each component of the website is thoroughly tested for quality. Website is then ready to be launched on web or on mobile based mediums. This phase is completed after extensive user testing is performed to ascertain excellence.

5. Optimize

This is where we take your project to the next level. We monitor, analyze and report on your web property's performance, finding ways to increase exposure to your target audience and better achieve your goals.
Our online marketing team goes into action using all the techniques at our disposal, including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, and Conversion Optimization.

6. Deploy

We run the finished piece through its final paces by user-testing, and reviewing for quality assurance, to iron out any last minute bugs before releasing your project to the world.

7. Grow

Once your project goes live, we will monitor its performance and offer advice and adjustments as the user data rolls in to ensure that your project is reaching its full potential. We monitor, analyse and report data on the performance of your website to ensure that all your objectives are met.