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eCommerce Website Design

We will not only design a great Ecommerce platform for you but also ensure that all your business objectives are met by:

  • Designing the content that will attract, hold & move Consumers to Buy
  • Help you to address all your Compliance & Security Considerations
  • Addressing Performance, Availability & Scalability
eCommerce Website Design

We build applications which are platform independent so one gets reliability and support for multi-level functioning.

Our Ecommerce developers make rich features for the applications which provide high-value for business focusing on core work area. Etios has experienced team for providing well managed Ecommerce development solutions to the clients.

We exert the below functionalities while developing Ecommerce based Applications:

  • Theme Development
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Upgradable and scalable design
  • Security Control Features
  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced Functionalities

Outlines we follow for a great eCommerce Website:


The key to a successful site is content. Give site visitors lots of interesting information, incentives to visit and buy, and ways to contact you. We help you design great content and package it attractively for acquiring more business.


Decide how many pages to have and how they'll be linked to each other. Choose graphics and icons that enhance the content. Designing a great Ecommerce website is both art and science. Etios will help you navigate this process with ease.


With the content and structure in place, site design comes next. We concentrate on simplicity, readability and consistency. We have your business objectives in mind while designing the design for you.


We make it easy and enjoyable for visitors to browse the site. For example, we use no more than two or three links to major areas and never leave visitors at a dead end.


Your site should reach out to every visitor, telling that person why he or she should buy your product or your service. We help to create a website that is your best sales person.

We help you create a website that looks very professional, and give potential customers the same feeling of confidence they would get with a phone call or face-to-face visit with you. We remind visitors that you don't exist only in cyberspace. Your company's full contact information -- company name, complete address, telephone, fax and e-mail -- will appear on all or most of your individual web pages and be displayed prominently on your site's home page to deliver this message.

Main goals of e-Commerce Website

Make Your Online Shop Sell

We design websites which are designed with a thought of making a sale.

Show the advantages of your products

We design websites with a list of product categories or grids to help you get a pie of online business. Special deals and new arrivals are also good to coax the common web surfers to buy. There is a huge chunk of online surfers who don’t know what they want exactly; they just want to hang around. Our goal as an online seller is to design a website to tap into that market and show them what they are missing out on.

Make Your Website Visitors Trust You

People watch what they spend on; so it’s only natural to expect that they want to know everything there is to know about the product they’re going to buy, the purchase process, payment methods, the delivery service, warranties etc. that will help them secure a decision and commit to a transaction. So, we make sure that we have linked to the appropriate pages from your home page. This saves much of your support team’s time, and reduces the number of customer’s pre-sale help requests. A detailed FAQ section increases customers’ confidence in your company and its processes which we get incorporated in your website.